Review: Making games with GD Script: Advanced use of Godot game engine script by Marijo Trkulja

This is the second book I’ve read from author Marijo Trkulja, and I had mixed feelings about the first in the series. The text here is improved, and I thought overall it was helpful to learn a few tricks, but this is definitely not a beginners book. It’s also probably not my first pick if you are looking to find a Godot book on Amazon. That said, I do like reading books, and if I get into a topic I will read everything I can. So this was not horrible for me, and you might find some worth in the book, assuming you know what you are getting into.

Trkulja covers a smaller range of topics than in the first book, but there are some good chapters here. The contents include: buttons, font override, text panels, BB code, a 2D game with physics, an inventory system, saved games, menus, rigid bodies, 2D character animation, mirroring animation (I found this trick to be clever), a top down game, progress bar, video player, drawing API, and strings. Really, not a bad set of chapters.

Overall I would say the book was decent. The code looked like it worked, and the examples were clear. Here there were more explanations than in the first book, but it is mostly just different code recipes. I’d recommend picking up Godot Engine Game Development in 24 Hours or Godot Engine Game Development Projects as your first book, but if you read those already maybe you won’t mind checking this out.