Degine: Forward+ HDR PBR IBL Render Improvements

In the past week I’ve made some major breakthroughs with the performance on Degine, my custom OpenGL / WebGL 3D engine. Did a lot of reading on performance and optimization guides, like on the ARM and Nvidia websites, specifically for OpenGL ES3 performance on mobile. Also integrated a new lighting system, that supports up to 8 dynamic lights at once (with 1 including

Degine: 60FPS on $99 Kindle Fire

I spent the last two days adding GPU compressed texture support to Degine, my custom OpenGL / WebGL 3D engine. I tried a few formats, but ended up going with ASTC, since it was the only one that appears to be supported on both desktop and web. While it’s not a massive difference, it was enough to get the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Review: Modern Graphics Programming Primer by Hans de Ruiter

This is one of those short, no-nonsense, types of books that actually has a treasure trove on info hidden inside. It’s not very long, and can be read in one or two sittings. And there is not really all that much code either, aside from a few cookbook like examples at the end. What Modern Graphics Programming Primer offers is an approachable, high-level,

Review: Lume Pad 2 – World’s First 3D Tablet Powered by AI

I recently got myself a Leia Lume Pad 2, and I’ve had about a week to test it out. Let me just start by saying this is the most significant advance in consumer electronics in years. Probably since VR hit the consumer market. It’s a high-end 12″ Android tablet, but with a display that can show beautiful stereoscopic 3D images, all while not

Review: 3D Graphics Rendering Cookbook: A comprehensive guide to exploring rendering algorithms in modern OpenGL and Vulkan by Sergey Kosarevsky

This book is pure gold for a graphics or engine programmer. Sergey Kosarevsky is able to walk you through many intermediate to advanced techniques, in both OpenGL and Vulkan, and shows you how to make a real 3D engine. The fact that each chapter is shown in both APIs is great, as it give you a better understanding, and can really help if

Dual Shock Gyro Aim in Godot

Spent the last few days getting gyro aiming working in Godot. While the PlayStation 4 controller is supported well by default, Godot does not have access to the gyroscope or accelerometer (these are only supported on mobile platforms). Luckily, I had already done a good amount of HID programming to get the Space Navigator plug-in developed, so I basically just took that code

Space Mouse Support in Godot

I’m currently working on a plug-in for the Godot Engine that enables support for 3Dconnexion 6DOF controllers like the Space Navigator. If you are not aware, this is a little puck, sort of like a huge analog stick, except that it works on 6 degrees of freedom. Meaning you get full x/y/z position and rotation, allowing you to orient 3D objects on a