New Year, New Avatar

Decided to make a new profile pic for my social networks. Still the same character, but with an anime AI glow-up. This was a celebration of hitting 4,000 follows on Twitter. The image was created originally by rendering in real-time and then feeding that into the AI. I would have liked to use my own engine, but it still needs some work, so I used Godot since that was easy for something like this. You can see the raw render below, I put it together quick with some bought assets, and didn’t waste too much time cause I figured the AI would fix it.

The app I used is called WOMBO Dream on Android (iOS also available). It’s free, though I do pay to get higher quality filters. Ended up doing a pretty good job. AI itself is just a tool. While some people might feel this is low effort, it just seems to me as another way to get the job done. In real life, there are no rules. It’s like saying you are ethically against guns. Fine. But if you bring a knife to a gunfight, you lose every time. People tend to be against new technology whenever something fresh comes out, they also lose every time. I don’t use AI, I am AI.