Review: Ray Tracing for $189?! Arc A750 Benchmark

Just got an Intel Arc A750 and decided to benchmark it at 1080p using ray tracing in 5 games. The card I’m testing is the Acer Predator BiFrost Arc A750, selling for $189 currently. Intel drivers have improved drastically since launch, so far every game I tried works with no problem and performance is extremely competitive at 1080p. I did have the limited edition of this card at launch, and I was so dissatisfied that I sold it after about a week. It’s been a year and things have improved A LOT. Though I’ve only been testing for 2 days, I haven’t really had any issues. Performance is surprisingly good for a budget card. Note, I did try to overclock it (to the max the Intel control panel allows) and this did cause game crashing, but that can always be the case with overclocking. With a much more modest 10% power limit boost, I got some extra performance with 100% stability (shown in the video).

Overall I am quite impressed with the A750 for the sub-$200 sticker price. It’s running at 1080p well north of 60 FPS. In some games in the 100 FPS mark, making it perfect for a high refresh FreeSync monitor. Granted, 1080p is low these days, but I think for a budget rig it may be okay (particularly if you have less than $1,000 to spend, you don’t have many options). I’d still need to do more testing, with additional games, and also general desktop apps, before I could recommend this as a daily driver. However, in the few days I’ve had it, it appears stable and well worth the money. Next I’ll have to test some apps like Blender and Unreal Engine, to see if it can be used for game development. I did test my engine, Degine, and performance seems about what you would expect for a mid-range card, so that is a good sign. Seems Intel was NOT sleeping this past year, and AMD might have to step up their game.