Review: 3D Graphics Rendering Cookbook: A comprehensive guide to exploring rendering algorithms in modern OpenGL and Vulkan by Sergey Kosarevsky

This book is pure gold for a graphics or engine programmer. Sergey Kosarevsky is able to walk you through many intermediate to advanced techniques, in both OpenGL and Vulkan, and shows you how to make a real 3D engine. The fact that each chapter is shown in both APIs is great, as it give you a better understanding, and can really help if

Dual Shock Gyro Aim in Godot

Spent the last few days getting gyro aiming working in Godot. While the PlayStation 4 controller is supported well by default, Godot does not have access to the gyroscope or accelerometer (these are only supported on mobile platforms). Luckily, I had already done a good amount of HID programming to get the Space Navigator plug-in developed, so I basically just took that code

Space Mouse Support in Godot

I’m currently working on a plug-in for the Godot Engine that enables support for 3Dconnexion 6DOF controllers like the Space Navigator. If you are not aware, this is a little puck, sort of like a huge analog stick, except that it works on 6 degrees of freedom. Meaning you get full x/y/z position and rotation, allowing you to orient 3D objects on a

Godot Engine on Steam Deck

So I finally got my Valve Steam Deck today, and the first thing I had to try was Decay. This is my cyberpunk real time music video, which I made in the Godot Engine. I’m happy to report that it runs perfectly at default Quality settings, 1280×800, with all the effects on (MSAA 2x, FXAA, SSR, SSAO, DOF, and more). Surprisingly, the dual


Real time photogrammetry demo for mobile, made with Godot Engine. Uses 3D scans of actual people and objects for the most realistic graphics. Lighting is done with high quality baked lightmaps. Designed to run on mobile devices, and allows you to rotate the camera and look at the scene. Download now for Android

Love the Algorithm

The world is changing. Changing rapidly. The level of technology from 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago, is far in the past. It seems strange, because walking outside or sitting in your room doesn’t look materially different. But it is. We live in the future, and this is a future even science fiction writers of the past could not imagine. It

The Matrix is real, but it’s not what you think…

This book is going to be hard to understand, and even harder to accept, but keep reading. We’re all living in a simulation. The physical world is an illusion, and time doesn’t exist. Don’t worry, I’ll explain. Reality itself is entirely subjective, almost like a dream we are dreaming together, the only thing that is actually real is mathematics. While I will touch

The World is Binary: Why Love is the Answer

So much of life is defined by binary concepts. Religion speaks of good and evil. Science explores truth and falsehood. Computers are denoted by 1’s and 0’s. We can see it everywhere, and it affects everything. This book explores the idea that these divisions may not be as clear as they appear to be, and also some ideas on how we can bridge