This was a short book, so I’ll give it a short review. Basically, 101 Autodesk Maya Tips is exactly what it sounds like: a compilation of quick tips for using Autodesk Maya. Some of the tips are as brief as one sentence, but a few are more involved. It seemed like the majority of the content was based around Mel scripting, and various ways to automate particular tasks. I have not worked with Mel scripting much, and am still trying to wrap my head around the interface and UI of Maya. Girard does, thankfully, include some more basic tips as well.

With a book like this, I was not expecting any grand revelations. The goal appears to be just to highlight some shortcuts and methods for getting more out of Maya. Certainly, I can’t complain about the price (at $3) and I finished the book in probably about an hour. All in all, I guess only really a handful of the tips were immediately useful to me, though it was great to see what’s possible. For that, I found it worth the meager cost and time investment. Hopefully you will find some value too in this quick read.


  1. Should i go with 3Ds Max or Maya for game development?
    What do you use?

    Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hey David. I’ve used both 3DS Max and Maya in the past. Currently I am working with Maya LT. I think they all have pros and cons.

      Max was traditionally the tool for game art (with Maya more for movies) but I think that has changed in the past few years.

      I think Max is a little easier to learn (or maybe cause I learned it first) but Maya seems better once you learn the ropes. It may be that the Max polygon editing tools are slightly better (some things, like drawing polygons manually are a lot easier in Max). However, I’ve been told that Maya is better for animation.

      Honestly, I’m still learning myself so I don’t know everything. But I chose Maya LT because it seemed the most powerful and was somewhat affordable at $30/month. Though Blender is free, it never made sense to me, and not many major studios use it. So if you want to work in gaming, your skills will be worth more with Maya or Max.

      Hope that helps.

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