Aniela: a lighting study

Aniela, a lighting study made in Godot Engine 4.0. Features a cinematic camera and can be watched as a real time music video, a 3D graphics benchmark, or control the camera and fly around the environment.

Uses real time global illumination in Godot 4.0 to achieve realistic lighting and shadow. Various graphics options are available, including animating the sunlight, changing the color temperature, and adjusting the settings.

Press Escape to view the options. Space to toggle cinematic camera (be sure to close the menu before flying around). WASD or Arrow keys move around. Mouse to look.

Keep in mind, this is a high end demo and requires a modern machine to run on the full settings. If you have a laptop or integrated graphics, you’ll likely need to reduce the settings in the menu. There is a low spec mode for computers that are still good but only slightly older.

Launch with “Aniela.exe –preset=lowspec” to force a graphics setting (can also use “ultra”, “quality” or “performance”). Presets can also be changed in the demo menu. Download for free, if you wish, but consider giving a donation if you liked it. If you’d like to see more projects like this in the future, I’d appreciate the support. Thanks.

Download the real time demo for Windows, Linux, and macOS.