Review: Lume Pad 2 – World’s First 3D Tablet Powered by AI

I recently got myself a Leia Lume Pad 2, and I’ve had about a week to test it out. Let me just start by saying this is the most significant advance in consumer electronics in years. Probably since VR hit the consumer market. It’s a high-end 12″ Android tablet, but with a display that can show beautiful stereoscopic 3D images, all while not

Innovative Augmented & Virtual Reality Glasses on Kickstarter

Looks like the VR/AR crowd-funding freight-train is not slowing down one bit. The latest success story being castAR, a set of stereo 3D augmented reality glasses from ex-Valve engineers. At first I was not all that excited about the project, seeing as I am more of a VR buff than for AR. However, this project looks too interesting to pass up. Basically the