The above video is demonstrating a 4.5″ flex sensor made by Spectra Symbol that I got from Sparkfun. Hooked it up to an Arduino and had it print the values to the serial monitor. Since I don’t have a tripod, it was going to be difficult to demo with only one hand, so I ended up taping the sensor to my finger. Ghetto? Yes. But it actually was pretty fun, and gets me psyched up to buy a glove to mount this on. So far it seems to work good enough for my needs.


  1. Hey, I’m really interested how this turned out. The final price and man hours spent on setup. Do you have instructions on what you did? I am considering undergoing a project to interact with my desktop via a data glove; Tony Stark style.

    1. Author

      The data-glove project has been on hold for a bit while I have been working with computer graphics and gaming stuff. I do hope to finish this one day but I have a lot on the plate currently.

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